The Nash 2020 Summer Workshops

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Weeklong Workshops
All Workshops 1-4 pm unless otherwise noted
Cost: $150

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Jazz Bass Workshop with Dr. Ben Hedquist - May 26-29 (Tue-Fri mornings 9 am - 12 pm)

With a focus on bass line construction, the role of the bass within a rhythm section and technical elements of the instrument, the Jazz Bass Workshop will give bassists the skills they need to groove and function effectively in a live musical situation. This workshop, led by Dr. Ben Hedquist, will cover different approaches to walking, creating melodic bass lines, and ways to groove hard within a rhythm section.

Open to all students (upright OR electric bass) with at least two years of experience

Improvisation Essentials Workshop with Pam Morita - May 26-May 29 (Tue-Fri)

Contrary to common belief, jazz improvisation is a learned skill. It is a language developed over time, which involves listening, imitation, speaking small phrases, and eventually sentences that have a deeper meaning. The Improvisation Essentials Workshop will explore these ideas and help students learn to use them over the harmonic structure of scales, arpeggios, and chords so that we can begin to speak the language of jazz. No prior experience of playing jazz is required, but knowledge of major scales and chords in all keys is helpful. Students in this workshop will perform an end-of-week concert at The Nash.

Open to all ages and experience levels.

Beyond Acoustic Jazz: Technology for Practice, Composition & Performance with Adam Roberts - June 1-4 (mornings 9am - 12 pm)

Beginning with fusion, Jazz has embraced technology for its possibilities in sound creation, and modern musicians have access to more options than ever before. This workshop will show you how to use technology in practice (tools include Ableton Live and various practice apps), and in performance (effects processing and Ableton Live). Inspired by the work of Kneebody, Ingrid Jensen, John Scofield, and Donny McCaslin, experiences will include a how-to for building an effects rig, an effects petting zoo, exploring compositional devices, and developing arrangements of tunes or original compositions designed to support effects processing. 

Open to all ages and experience levels

Trad Jazz Workshop with Zach Wiggins - June 1-4

Working in small and large group settings, the Trad Jazz Workshop focuses on music from the New Orleans tradition made popular by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet and Bix Beiderbecke. The Trad Jazz Workshop will be a fun and exciting exploration of the music of ragtime, early swing, hot jazz, and more. Students in this workshop will perform an end-of-week concert at The Nash.

Open to all students with at least 2 years experience on their instrument.

Jazz Composition Workshop with Russell Schmidt June 8-11 (mornings 9am-12pm)

With a focus on composing new music, as well as learning basic scoring techniques, the Jazz Composition Workshop will jump start individual creativity in both novice and experienced writers. Led by composer/educator Russell Schmidt, the program will explore harmonization and reharmonization techniques, conceptual and motivic development, and various approaches to initiate the fresh ideas that grow into fully-formed compositions. 

Students of all levels are welcome

Bebop Workshop with Mike Kocour - June 8-11

Explores the jazz line characteristics of artists such as Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Horace Silver, Clifford Brown, Barry Harris and more. Taught by Arizona State’s Director of Jazz Studies, pianist, composer, and arranger Mike Kocour, the Bebop Workshop offers an intensive jazz experience for those wishing to explore this aspect of jazz improvisation and composition.

 Open to intermediate (3+ years in jazz) and advanced experience levels. This educational experience will include lots of singing, listening, and writing and some instrumental performance. Consequently the workshop does not include a final culminating performance.

Latin Jazz Workshop with Raul Yanez - June 15-18

Focusing on Afro-Cuban Jazz and Mambo literature made popular by artists such as Mario Bauza, Machito Grillo, Eddie Palmieri, and Chucho Valdéz. Under the direction of master musician and teacher Raul Yanez, this workshop is an inspiring and culturally enriching musical experience. Students in this workshop will perform an end-of-week concert at The Nash.

Open to all students with at least 2 years experience on their instrument.

John Zorn's Cobra with Eric Rasmussen - June 22-25

Musician/composer John Zorn boiled down a lot of improvisational strategies and organized them into an interactive musical game with an emphasis on teamwork and creative competition. While sharing some resemblance to the children's game "capture-the-flag", it has its own unique set of rules. In brief, each member of the ensemble can make a call to change the direction of the music as it is being played. These calls are recognized and translated by a prompter, who facilitates the process by giving cues to the ensemble with color-coded cards. Using these cues, the ensemble might work together to create a cohesive piece of music, or some members might “go rogue” and hijack the process, leading the music into unexpected areas. Either way, music is created and each player must use their ears and imaginations to play the game.

Open to all musicians with an open mind and a medium proficiency on their instrument.

Vocal Jazz Workshop with Dennis Rowland June 29-July 2 and July 6-9

The Vocal Jazz Workshops will focus on the vocalist’s role in a jazz ensemble. Through performance, vocalists and instrumentalists will explore the basics of what to listen for when performing with an ensemble, how to choose tunes and keys, intros and endings, improvisation and vocal techniques. Students in this workshop will perform an end-of-week concert at The Nash.

Open to all ages and experience levels. 

Vocal Improvisation Workshop with Dr. Greg Amerind July 13-16

The voice is as much a musical instrument as piano, guitar or saxophone, and a true jazz vocalist must approach their instrument and training in the same way as any other jazz musician. That is what the Vocal Improvisation Workshop is all about: how do vocalists become more accomplished jazz musicians? The answer - learning to improvise! Whether you have already begun exploring this aspect of jazz, or are just discovering the masters of "scat singing" and want to learn how to sing like Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Tormé or Bobby McFerrin, this is the workshop for you. During the workshop, students will learn some basic music theory and practice phrasing, runs & licks and scat syllables, using blues and other common jazz song forms. We will even perform a concert for friends and family at the end of our week together!

Open to all ages and experience levels

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