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CLICK HERE for a new Summer "socially-distanced" performance from The Nash Vocal Ensemble!

CLICK HERE to hear The Nash Vocal Ensemble! This is an example of how our resourceful educators like Greg Amerind are continuing to inspire students through the COVID-19 pandemic. This project was accomplished not with 6 feet of social distancing, but with miles of separation! Your continued support of The Nash helps us deliver on our mission today as we prepare for a brighter tomorrow.

The Nash Vocal Ensemble is directed by noted Vocal Educator, Greg Amerind.

The Nash Vocal Ensemble is a community based group interested in jazz which rehearses one night a week at The Nash, in downtown Phoenix. Members of the ensemble will work with Amerind to develop vocal techniques, collaborate with fellow musicians, and create their individual stage presence and style.

The Nash Vocal Ensemble will perform throughout the year at The Nash as well as at other engagements around the Valley. Funding for the Nash Vocal Ensemble is tuition-based. For information on joining, please email:

Amerind, Gregory

Contact info

The Nash Jazz Club
110 E Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 795-0464


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