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Alex Yuwen

May 11 @ 7:30 pm

The Nash
110 E Roosevelt St,
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA

About This Event

ONE SHOW: 7:30pm

Alex Yuwen-piano, Kenji Wagner-guitar, Ankith Raaman-bansuri/mridanga, Max Beckman-bass, Jordan Tompkins-drums

Congratulations to Ahmad Jamal, Igor Stravinsky, and T. R. Mahalingam on the birth of their beautiful newborn baby: Roots of Unity. The godfather? Composer Alex Yuwen.

In mathematics, roots of unity are complex roots of the number 1. As the name of the band, Roots of Unity symbolizes Yuwen’s distinctive brand of artistic monism. The search for meaning, clarity, and clarity of meaning where none exists is not an artistic endeavor — it is a human one. To be a better human is to be a better artist.

Yuwen’s latest works reimagine form and narrative structure in a way that reinstates the primacy of melody and rhythm. Roots of Unity will present a selection of these works at The Nash. But please be advised: Roots of Unity may leave you feeling deeply unsettled by blurring the line between darkness and beauty.

  • Table Seats: $35
  • Tier 2 Table Seats: $32
  • High Top Seats: $32
  • East Row Seats: $27
  • West Row Seats: $27