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Recorded Jun 29, 2019
One More Time, one more time!
As many of you experienced firsthand, our attempt to premiere this show last Wednesday was spoiled by a glitch with Facebook, which froze the video after just a few songs. After discovering that the Karrin Allyson video we planned to stream on the 1st was damaged we decided to “re-premiere” this fantastic performance for you!
Bruce Gates-trumpet, Paul Brewer-alto sax, Adam Roberts-tenor sax, Nick Manson-keyboards, Jeff Lauffer-guitar, Mike King-bass, John Lewis-drums, Joe Garcia-percussion
The Brecker Brothers Project was formed to present the incredible music of the seminal 70’s fusion band formed by Randy and Michael Brecker. “The kind of pivotal role played by Bird in bebop, or Miles in modal
improvisation, is similar to that played by the Breckers vis a vis jazz-funk” – Chuck Berg, Jazz Times. Like its namesake, the Project is a veritable “Super-band” of Valley virtuosos who do justice to Brecker classics like Some Skunk Funk, African Skies, Sponge, Grease Piece, King Of The Lobby, Funky Sea Funky Dew and many others. If you are a fan of horn-driven bands, this Brecker tribute will light you up!

These “OMT” shows will be streamed on Facebook in their entirety (minus the intermission) so that you can enjoy them along with others (virtually, of course) as if you were in the audience. You can comment interactively with other viewers and the musicians who are viewing the show. NOTE: If you are unable to watch shows at the scheduled times, they will be available on our Facebook page for viewing on demand afterwards.

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