March 15 3rd Thursday Happy Hour: The Chicken-Fried Jazz Band

5:00 – 8:00 PM

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Adam Armijo-guitar, Shea Marshall-piano, etc, Robert Lashier-bass, Todd Chuba-drums, cymbals

The Chicken-Fried Jazz band is a new, decidedly and unabashedly Western-sounding project. The group draws heavily from the genres of western swing, dixieland, bebop, and also the 110-degree heat we all endure here in Phoenix. It’s not just bebop with a train beat, they’re swinging their way from 1915 to 2018 performing cherished and forgotten material, and a few originals to boot (including the almost-famous Chris Champion composition “Coltrane Goes West”). Pan-fried in fatback with their proprietary blend of 17 savory swinging spices, the Chicken Fried Jazz Band plays music that makes its own gravy.


Reduced Show Admission: $10 at the door.
Includes your first beer or glass of wine (house selection)
$5 OFF Select Wine Bottles
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