The Nash Presents: “Jazz Portraiture” by Abe Zucca

Abe Zucca

A one-man exhibition featuring the work of Abe Zucca, The Nash’s best-selling visual artist, is on display through 2019. Work on display will include portraits of the greats and jazz-inspired paintings, and will be rotated as time and inspiration permit.

For the talented Abe Zucca, painting provides the confidence no other profession can. Every finished piece means a renewed sense of self. It’s not an addiction; it’s a compulsion. Zucca has been working in the Phoenix Downtown art scene for several years with solo exhibitions at various Downtown venues, including his own gallery at 1301 Grand Avenue.

Abe says about his inspiration for making art: “I am just a process of sensibilities and through my art you read yourself.”

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The Nash Jazz Club
110 E Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 795-0464


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