The Nash Futures Workshop



Contrary to common belief, jazz improvisation is a learned skill. It is a language developed over time through the process of listening and imitation. Eventually, short phrases can be linked together into longer musical sentences, conveying deeper meaning and understanding.

The Nash Futures Workshop offers young musicians (ages 10 - 17) the space to explore these ideas--to navigate the related scales, arpeggios, and chords--so that they can begin to speak the language of jazz. Familiarity with "Maiden Voyage" by Jamey Aebersold is recommended but not required. No prior experience of playing jazz is required, but knowledge of major scales is helpful. This class is perfect for the novice who would like to learn to solo in jazz combos or bands. All instruments are welcome.

The Nash Futures Workshop will resume on January 27th.

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Instructor: Pam Morita 

The Futures Workshop was featured on a recent episode of Arizona Horizon! Click here to view the story.

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