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About the Ensembles

At its heart, jazz is improvisation. Nash ensembles provide a variety of unique collaborative opportunities for students to learn the musical language of improvisation from professional musicians. Students who play in our ensembles develop the skills and confidence needed to be creative in the moment.


The Nash Jazz DivAZ

This innovative program is designed to teach young female musicians the basic skills of jazz improvisation in a nurturing environment. Students will learn well-known jazz tunes and develop the confidence to express their individuality through improvised solos.

Jazz DivAZ

The Nash Legacy Ensembles

In this unparalleled Nash program, talented high school jazz students are immersed in the essential combo environment. With instruction from college-level educators, students develop their abilities to improvise, compose, arrange, and perform.

Legacy Ensembles


The Nash Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Singers of all ages and walks of life rehearse weekly to create rousing vocal renditions of jazz classics and contemporary songs. In this professionally coached ensemble that culminates with live public performances, artists work in an environment of creativity and camaraderie.

Vocal Ensemble


The Nash Futures Ensemble

In this introductory program, students ages 10–17 discover their passion for music while learning the essential elements and skills of jazz. Taught by top college-level educators, Futures is the perfect program to get acquainted with the language of jazz.

Nash Futures


The Nash Big Band

"The Nash Big Band: Where Phoenix Valley's High School Jazz Shines"

Led by Dr. Clark Gibson, The Nash Big Band is the epitome of high school jazz excellence in the Phoenix Valley. Auditions are open to all talented high school students, offering a gateway to an extraordinary musical journey. Join this vibrant ensemble and experience the magic of The Nash Big Band, where passion and talent converge to create captivating jazz performances.

Auditions for The Nash Big Band will be held on the evening of Wed., January 17, starting at 6:00pm. Please register to audition HERE.

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Nash Liberation Orchestra

The Nash Liberation Orchestra

This powerhouse eight-piece instrumental group celebrates the unique contributions of female jazz musicians and composers. With a unique approach to creative collaboration, this dynamic ensemble brings originality to familiar as well as more esoteric works.

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The Nash Education Offerings

There is no better place to become acquainted with jazz and to develop your musical passions than The Nash. What sets our educational offerings apart from all others is the seamless connection between students and professional musicians. The exposure that we provide students to live performances and interactions with top local and world-renowned educators and musicians is priceless.


Summer Workshops

An array of immersive workshops concentrates on many specific areas of jazz, providing enrichment to students and players of all levels. Workshops are taught by leading professionals in each area of study.

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Masterclasses & Clinics

Nash masterclasses and clinics provide jazz students of all ages access to educational and inspirational encounters with some of the most revered and influential professionals of the art form.

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