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Joel Robin & Sons with Tony Vacca and special guests Delphine Cortez & Dennis Rowland

Joel Robin-piano | Adrian Goldenthal-bass | Julian Goldenthal-drums | Tony Vacca-sax/flute | Delphine Cortez-vocals | Dennis Rowland-vocals

What were the odds that a piano player would be blessed with two sons who play bass and drums – and well? Keeping the tradition going, Joel Robin & Sons, along with Tony Vacca, perform a special Father’s Day concert at The Nash..

These “OMT” shows will be streamed on Facebook in their entirety (minus the intermission) so that you can enjoy them along with others (virtually, of course) as if you were in the audience. You can comment interactively with other viewers and the musicians who are viewing the show. NOTE: If you are unable to watch shows at the scheduled times, they will be available on our Facebook page for viewing on demand afterwards.
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