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Recorded on March 24, 2019

Emilio Vargas- saxophone, Alex Yuwen-saxophone, Charles Smith-piano, Greg Hasson-guitar, Max Beckman-bass, Sam Russo-drums

This outstanding concert by a sextet of Phoenix “young lions” is dedicated to the music of the great Arizona-born bassist and composer Charles Mingus. Enjoy the show, and please consider helping The Nash to continue bringing you world-class jazz by donating to “The Nash COVID-19 Emergency Fund” at www.thenash.org/helpnow.

These “OMT” shows will be streamed on Facebook in their entirety (minus the intermission) so that you can enjoy them along with others (virtually, of course) as if you were in the audience. You can comment interactively with other viewers and the musicians who are viewing the show. NOTE: If you are unable to watch shows at the scheduled times, they will be available on our Facebook page for viewing on demand afterwards.

You don’t have to be a Facebook member to watch the concert, just CLICK HERE