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Volunteering at The Nash is the perfect way to enjoy jazz and help promote the music we all love---and to have fun! It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends with whom you share common interests. See what happens behind the scenes and through your service help make our performances and education events possible.

Jazz In Arizona, Inc., the owner of The Nash, was founded in 1977 and operated totally by volunteers for the first 25 years of its existence. We are a charitable 501-(c)-3 nonprofit organization. Now, with the expansion of our mission to include jazz education and performance in our own space, The Nash is more reliant than ever on volunteer talents, generosity, and commitment to making our programs possible.

The Nash has a very special mission and a profound responsibility to ensure the preservation of America’s original art form, jazz, for our community and for generations to come. Volunteers choose to serve The Nash because they have a personal interest in this music and our mission. Everything volunteers do contributes to our success and celebrates the unique value of this art form.


There are many fun ways to get in on the act at The Nash! Volunteers manage everything but the jazz at each show. The Volunteer Coordinator assigns the work schedule for each event and Staff and Lead Volunteers are responsible for assigning tasks on-site. The Nash cross-trains volunteers for all assignments for performances, recitals, and venue rentals. Here is the list of opportunities:

Admissions/Check-In/Seating: Greet guests and represent The Nash to patrons as they enter for a show.

Snack Bar & Concessions: Selling snacks, beverages, and merchandise. Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older to work at the Snack Bar.

Hospitality: Assist in hosting musicians and VIPs in the house during Signature Events and Special Engagement shows, including in the Green Room.

Off-Site Events: Admissions, seating, check-in, and house monitoring duties at occasional off-site shows.

Lead Volunteers: Lead Volunteers supervise other volunteers and may represent The Nash at community organization meetings or other assignments as agreed. They are experienced and knowledgeable with The Nash, are familiar with the detail of each task, and are skilled at working with and supervising other volunteers.


“The best pay I’ve ever had for a job is being a volunteer at The Nash!”
- John J.

“I love volunteering at The Nash because it’s a great way to contribute to the jazz scene in Arizona. I get to meet interesting people, too. It’s a very fulfilling way to spend an evening.”
- Nathan G.

“There are few things better than spending time with friends, old and new, and supporting the music we love while listening to it!”
- Nancy D.

“What a thrill to witness the development of these artists over the years of volunteering!”
- Tim J.


The Nash offers volunteer information and orientation on a regular basis (check the calendar). Come meet current volunteers, find out more about volunteering, and meet new friends as you learn more about volunteering.

CLICK HERE for our Volunteer Application. Please complete & submit it to be considered for our volunteer program. See you at The Nash!


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